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 Posted: Mon Dec 5th, 2016 03:42 pm
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Tony M

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Hi Si, good to hear from you, any snow fall where you are in London yet, can send some snow my way to cool it down being bloody hot, in the very high 30's over the weekend and also humid, layout is at a stand still, can't even work in under the pergola being 35 degrees.
Hope you are ok in the UK , I am fine thankyou
Nice camera I had one of those lens  that doubled the zoom on another camera years back, my camera I have now I need to buy a tripod as well I can't hold it in place in full zoom 1400mm.
What setting did you use on your camera to get that pic and shutter speed, I am jealous.
Have you had any sign of snow where you live in London, send some my way to cool the hot days down being to dam hot and humid. This Saturday is going to be cooler but I will be at my train club, rostered on duty officer, be nice in the club rooms with 7 AC's both sides of the layout.
You guys have being busy over the weekend lots of new setting to test out, guess what I can't open any of the bottom new ones, bloody windows 10, still can't access the Gallery square, very disappointed.

Tony from down under

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