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 Posted: Thu Dec 15th, 2016 01:06 am
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Hi Lee :wave:

NICE camera !
I have a 1/4-plate, from way back when.
Just no quarter-plates to use in it though. :f:

Something I did find recently was.
I have all my Grandfathers lenses from the WWI era.
Also his pre & post WWII lenses as well, with various screws & mounts.

With the Lumix u4/3rds camera I have.
I was able to get lens-mount adapters for ALL these vintage lenses.
Some of them over 100 years old !

They are nothing like modern lenses, of course.
They were never designed with 'colour' photography in mind either.
Nice to be able to use them though, with a modern camera.

I should use them more.
Mostly I just use a cellphone though.
GREAT depth of field, with such a short focal length lens.



Old flashbulbs, used with digital-cameras can have an interesting effect as well.


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