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 Posted: Fri Jan 27th, 2017 01:30 am
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Bob D


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Here ya go Reg.

So far I've built a #6 left hand and a #6 right hand turnout using parts from Right-O-Way and new owner Jay Criswell:


Jay's been very helpful in all this, he took the line over from Lou Cross.

Here's the turnouts:

On the RH I used a frog that Jay sent me.  It's very nice but since I'm still using hi-rail wheels (which hit the bottom of the frog) on my engines and rolling stock I thought I'd try making my own.

On the LH I made the frog from pieces of code 148 rail, I just had to watch where I put the spikes so the wheels wouldn't hit.

I'll probably replace the hi-rail wheels on my rolling stock with 2-rail wheels, but leave the engines alone.

So far both hi-rail and 2-rail wheels seem to be doing OK.

I mounted them on pieces of 3/8" thick rubber anti-fatigue matting, which I also use for main roadbed.  I glued a template on top of the mat then glue the ties to it, then spiked the rails.  Once I put them in place and throw some ballast/ground cover on it'll all be covered up.

I'm using the rubber mat on my present layout.  It did make it quieter, until I put down ballast which brought the sound up again.  It comes in a roll and cuts easily with a box cutter and can be beveled on the bandsaw.  When I did my present layout I figured it out to be cheaper than the cork a lot of folks use.


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