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 Posted: Thu Mar 9th, 2017 04:27 am
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Thanks Eddie.

You'd make a great rivet-counter ...

... You could do a Union Pacific Big-Boy if you can count to 416,727  ;)

- - - - - - -

It's been noticed that there are a LARGE number of interesting Topics ...

... that are essentially sitting in the 'General Talk - Off Topic' Forum & often get 'buried in history'.

So I've decided to dig up some of these dusty ol' 'General' Topics ...

... & 'Move' them to somewhere more suitable.

For example...

...'Does Anyone Remember Cardstock Structures' has turned into quite a long & interesting Thread.

It has been 'Moved' to the 'Kitbuilding' Forum.

This is pretty much mainly only going to affect Threads that got started in the 'General' Forum.

The 'General' Forum is often where some of the Sites most interesting or unusual Threads get started.

Some get a few Posts, others get a few PAGES and THOUSANDS of views !

I hope this might help current & future Members & Guests ...

... find even more COOL stuff to look at on Freerails, more easily.




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