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 Posted: Tue Mar 14th, 2017 09:44 pm
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Darn it, I was in that museum in January and I never noticed that. That’s the original John Allen timesaver, huh? Man, I wish I’d known that was there!
The guy who did the DCC wiring for my layout (and we out for an op session this past weekend) used to go by Allen’s house when he was much younger. I’ve also met a couple of people who used to regularly run op sessions on the layout (one admitted that it was hardly a reliable layout for electric contact, but I suspect that wasn’t an uncommon thing way back then). One guy has what he claims is one of the locomotives from the layout. I took a good look and let’s just say it was a sure representation of the state of the hobby back then. Pretty much anything you buy out of the box these days is infinitely better for quality and accuracy.

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