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 Posted: Wed Mar 15th, 2017 04:02 am
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Bob D wrote: Robert Comerford wrote: If your dimensions through the frog area work for both wheel profiles you are set Bob.
It is often a slippery improve one aspect and other aspects suddenly seem to need improving to match :>;)

I hear ya!!!

I don't mind replacing the 3-rail wheels on my rolling stock with 2-rail, but replacing the drivers on my engines would be a lot-o-$$$.  Of course I might hit the lottery (if I played) so I'll never say never ;)

I once took an AHM O-Scale kit locomotive (actually, two of them), flopped them on their backsides, applied power, and carved down the flanges with a file. I had to be a bit careful because those drivers had plastic centers and I had to take care not to get the tires too hot.
I think I may still have one of those locos in a box somewhere.  The other, an 0-8-0, got sold along with all my other standard gauge stuff.
It is not EXACTLY an approach I would recommend.  
However, it seems to me that the drivers could be chucked in a lathe, with a suitable fixture so they don't need to be dismounted from the axles, and turned down.  You just need to find a reliable machinest who would it for the love of the hobby.

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