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 Posted: Wed Mar 15th, 2017 03:33 am
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" Everyone should have Timesaver for practice and learning of operating their toy trains "

Hi Bob :wave:

You know what Bob ... That is a bit of a EUREKA moment ! :shocked:

I think you're right.

Bachmann should market an On30 'Timesaver Set' !

Sure beats seeing a R.T.R locomotive going round & round in circles ... or ovals normally.

I wonder if the On30 'Timesaver Set' would be a marketing coup ! ?

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" My current Geneseo Railway has three seperate switching areas. Each area is inspired by Timesaver. "

I had noticed actually that your switching areas were very Timesaverish. :bg:

Whether it is an exact copy or not is kinda neither here nor there.

I guess the basic concept of spurs emerging from or near a runaround-loop is a pretty universal topology.

I had to laugh the other day.

In Googling a few switching trackplans, I came to a well known online model railroading magazine site.

A guy Posted his trackplan, basically a Timesaver, and the Editor said... don't make that, having a runaround-loop is a very un-prototypical layout.

Then a couple of Google searches later...

...I got back to the same site again.

Another guy Posted his trackplan, basically an Inglenook, and the Editor said... don't make that, it is very operationally uninteresting, you need a runaround-loop.

I honestly couldn't stop laughing to myself ! :bg:

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" The John Allen Timesaver is a treasure."

I couldn't agree with you more Bob !!




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