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 Posted: Thu Mar 16th, 2017 02:44 am
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Robert Comerford


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That sounds like a big ouch Bob! Unfortunately there are some nice things one needs to give up to reduce stone formation:>)

I did make use of a rubber type mat years ago for underlay. Sold for camping use.
I seem to remember it would sometimes deform and not return exactly to shape. I went back to using cork. As you say it might need to harden first to hold the spikes securely.

I've not had much experience with spiking track except as a detailing thing. My scratchbuilt track has been soldered or glued as the primary means of construction.

Expect the odd failure Bob, I know I do :>)

In an ideal world one would discard the 3-rail stuff and buy in 2-rail equipment. You have achieved a big improvement in the look of your railway by removing that ugly centre rail at minimal expense.

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