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 Posted: Thu Mar 16th, 2017 03:38 am
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Bob D


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Built #6 today, all was straight as an arrow.

I tried something different on #5, won't do that again!

One of the old hands told me he started by putting the frog points down 1st. I've been putting the long straight stock rail down 1st, so i thought I'd try his failure.

#6 got the long stock rail 1st and built the rest measuring off that.

Now to redo #5.

The urologist had put me on 3 meds to keep from getting kidney stones almost 4 years ago. I've passed a few, but none of them have been big (my largest was the size of a marble, maybe 10 mm diameter and had to be lasered out). The ones (except for this last 10x6mm) lately have been small and passed easily.

They will make a grown man cry.


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