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 Posted: Sat Mar 18th, 2017 07:27 am
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This photo from a while back, is of a typical Tri-ang Railways power bogie.

Not all the parts are shown.

The bronze end bearings, oil pads & thrust bearings have been removed.

So have the electrical parts, pickups & carbon brushes.

I tested these 10mm cube magnets, before I found a 3/8" cube magnet was available.

Later still, I found an EXACT SIZE with hole, neodymium replacement for the old magnet, bottom left.

For anyone looking to replace a 'weak' magnet in a vintage loco...

...if you can't find the correct size needed...

...there are LOADS of different sizes available, which could be 'stacked' to form the correct sized magnet.

All the components were de-oiled.

Using meths for the bearings, armature, electrical parts & wheels.

Hot water & detergent for the diecast chassis.

:!: Don't despair ... REPAIR ! ... as Pops used to say. :bg:



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