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 Posted: Tue Apr 11th, 2017 06:16 am
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Don't know about  how graphite works, but oil is not to make the rail or wheel more conductive, it is to prevent the oxidation that makes the joint less conductive---and who here has the rail mileage that Wunderworld has? Yes, oil may collect dust, but most of it gets pushed off the railhead by the passing wheels. And if the crud builds up on wheels, you are probably using too much. Not doubting that graphite works, just wondering how it keeps the corrosion at bay. One time not too long ago I put some graphite on the overhead wire. Not that I was having trouble, just thought that I would improve something that wasn't broke. Guess that I put too much on (it was mixed with a thin oil/solvent that dried) and it completely insulated the pantograph from the wire! Pushing the car through the spot gave a wonderful display of sparks. Had to sand the stuff off the bottom surface of the wire. But the coating was far far thicker than what rubbing with a pencil would leave.

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