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 Posted: Tue Apr 18th, 2017 03:15 am
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An update by Microsoft to Windows-10 around 1st January 2017 has been an issue.

A number of Freerails Members using Windows-10 have reported a problem.

They haven't been able to Post photos using the 'Gallery' in the way that was previously possible.

A solution to this difficulty has been found.

This solution has been tested in 'Firefox'.

It is very likely that it will also work with most other browsers totally OK as well.

If you have experienced a problem using the Freerails Members 'Gallery'.

Try this ...

- - - - - - -

Go to your Freerails 'Gallery'

In your 'Gallery' window click on the photo you want to Post

The photo will then be enlarged on your screen

Now ... Right-Click ... a drop down menu will appear

From this drop down menu ... click on 'COPY IMAGE'

Now ... go to the Freerails Reply Window open in another tab

Place your cursor where you want your photo to appear

Then you need to Right-Click again ... another drop down menu will appear

From this drop down menu ... click on 'PASTE IMAGE'

The photo you want to Post from your 'Gallery' should now be in the Reply Window.

Simply repeat the above sequence to add more photos to your Post

- - - - - - -

It seems that an update by Microsoft to Windows-10 ...

... has meant that the previous method of clicking on a Thumbnail from your Gallery ...

... having pressed the 'G' button in the Reply Window ...

... is no longer possible for Windows-10 users.

- - - - - - -

If any Members who have tried the Windows-10 fix wish to comment on it, please do so.

This Thread is however ONLY for discussing this particular issue.

Any excess material or off-topic content, will be edited out, for clarity.




- - - - - - -

More Photo Posting tips in a nut shell !

Once you have resized your photos to a sensible web size of under 0.5MB and say 800 or 1024 pixels wide ...

... Hit the 'MENU Button' at the top of every Freerails Page, and then the 'GALLERY Button' from the 'Drop Down MENU'.

Once on the 'GALLERY Page' you can then select 'UPLOAD PHOTOS' from the choices there ...

... A new Page appears where you can upload 5 photos at a time to your 'Freerails Members Gallery'.

Simply use the 'BROWSE Buttons' to find the sensibly resized photos you want from the files on your computer.

Once all 5 or less photos are selected hit the 'UPLOAD PHOTOS Button'.

The photos then have all been uploaded at once to your 'Freerails Members Gallery'.

- - - - - - -

Now the photos in your 'Gallery' can be COPIED & PASTED into the 'Main Reply Window'.

Click on the Thumbnail of the photo you want to Post, on one of your 'Freerails Members Gallery' Pages ...

... It is then ENLARGED ...

... Then 'Right Click' on the ENLARGED photo & select 'COPY IMAGE' ...

... Then in your open 'Main Reply Window' in another Browser-Tab ...

... Place the cursor where you want your photo to appear & 'Right Click' then select 'PASTE'.

The photo will appear where you've placed your cursor.

Doing this in some spare space between text is a good idea, for appearances sake.

Spare blank line space can be created simply by hitting 'Line Return' a few times.

Likewise 'excess spare blank lines' can be removed by placing your cursor & hitting 'Backspace'.

Clicking on a wrongly placed or unwanted photo in your 'Main Reply Window' will highlight it ...

... Then hitting 'Backspace' will remove it from your 'Main Reply Window'.

- - - - - - -

All these moves are just like a Word Processor, or many other simple COPY / PASTE computer actions.

Just experiment with the 'Main Reply Window' & you'll get the hang of it very quickly by experience.

It's much easier to use, than trying to describe how to use it !

Also, you can create 'Folders' in your 'Freerails Members Gallery' just as on your computer.

Have a go & experiment creating a Folder or two, much easier to do than to explain, like most computer usage.

The actual 'order' of photos in your Gallery & Folders CAN'T be changed, I believe they just appear in Date order.



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