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 Posted: Mon Jun 12th, 2017 03:30 am
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Stan S

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So...I want to configure a single mainline with a reversing loop at each end.The trains need to alternate direction through the loops on each pass. I want the two Tortise motors to auto-align the turnouts as the train exits the loops. I'm looking at DCC specialties PSX-AR, Digitrax AR-1, etc.
I will probably use the Tortise contacts to power the frogs (instead of a Frog Juicer, simpler and cheaper).
I'm also considering using the D2T-2W from Azatrax, I'm not a big fan of multiple gaps in the rails and think fewer gaps is better so the IR detector approach is appealing. 
I'm brand new to DCC, any of you DCC gurus out there have any thoughts on this? This will be an On30 layout with Porters and very short rolling stock/trains.
Thanks in advance!:dope:

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