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 Posted: Fri Jul 28th, 2017 06:31 pm
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I have MRC Prodigy Epress system whose instructions I will call "book".  I have MRC acces. decoder whose instructions I will call "sheet".  Programming:  Sheet says decoder is factory set to address 1.  Sheet also says CV 513 main address to decoder is a 2 digit address.  Book says programming:  press prog until prog track, then press enter until cv appears then enter 513 then enter.  Then enter address?  What address? 1, or 2 digit or 515 ( which is first sub-decoder).  Then book says selecting acces decoder: (am I still on prog track?)  Press accesy and using 0-9 enter decoder address.  What address?Sheet says "example" ( using slo motion machine which I have hooked up).  To use output A (which is cv 515) program cv 515 to value of 0 or 128.  Am I on program track?  Is this a continuous program from above programming?
Is there anyone who has done this that can explain it in english?  Clint

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