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 Posted: Sun Jul 30th, 2017 07:24 pm
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I am trying a second time to explain what is going on and seeking help.  On the program track I go to "cv" and enter 513.   Then I enter "1" (the decoder address), hit enter and the light flashes.  I hit enter again to go out of programming.  Then come back in and enter cv 515 (the first sub-decoder ).  I enter 0 (because the instructions say to do this to control slo-motion machines) and when I hit enter, the light flashes.  I now hook up to main track because I think I am done programming, but I can't get any response out of the decoder trying various things.  The wires to the tortoise look correct including the resistors from the common to each "leg".   I also tested the tortoise and it works fine.  What am I missing?   Clint

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