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 Posted: Fri Sep 15th, 2017 12:56 am
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There are numerous threads about 'operations' here,
and some have received a comment or three fairly recently...
Just not this one.

I've had to ditch my narrow ops. and railroading,
because of various real-life situations, which don't need amplification here.

However, I am building an HO railroad that uses (gasp) diesel power.
Since it's a one town industrial switching operation, all speeds are slow.
I run about 20 miles tops, sometimes much more of a creep.

Now believe it or don't,
there were narrow gauge operations that sped blissfully along at high rates of speed.

There was a time when a Maine 2-footer, on the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes,
was said to have made 100 mph!
That was an exception.

Meridian Industrial, 1986

James Sullivan
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