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 Posted: Mon Sep 18th, 2017 05:31 am
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OK, now that "cat is out of the bag"'s another one:
NARROW GAUGE TO NO MAN'S LAND US Army 60CM gauge railways of the First World War in France, with notes on 60CM gauge Army railways in the USA. Author-Richard Dunn This book (a hardback) has not only hundreds of photos (yes, hundreds) but also beautiful scale plans for the Davenport/Baldwin/Vulcan 2-6-2's (3/8" or 1:32 scale) and Baldwin/Whitcomb/Plymouth Co. 50 HP gas/mechanicals, freight cars, and even speeders! This was published by Benchmark Publications Los Altos, CA. (something to do with the NG&SL Gazette)
I was given this book by the family of a late friend, I don't believe it is a cheapie however. If you want the most info on these locos, etc. then this MUST be the book to have.
I am drooling as I write this...

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