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 Posted: Mon Sep 18th, 2017 11:51 pm
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Another great book, if WDLR railroads interest you.

I have had this one since it came out, years ago.

BTW--, Two Foot Rails to the Front, has a couple photos of the German single cylinder, two stroke Deutz locos with huge flywheels.

These things seemed to be very shy, photos are rare--or am I looking in the wrong place Helmut? Plenty of photos of similar, later Deutz's, but not these. Over the years following the war, Deutz made a lot of 4 wheel locos with the same , or close to the same engines, but it would seem that they were made to order specs. They are like VW Beatles---all the same, but all different. Be nice to see some of the small details

But then, you have to be different to like the Deutz's


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