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 Posted: Tue Oct 3rd, 2017 08:56 pm
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I applaud the fellows who can (and will) build these finescale locos with equalized drivers/frames. Of course these are better for reliable running and another "look at what I did" kind of thing. BUT...the plan for equalized chassis is mostly to insure that all drivers are on the track at all times for maximum traction and RELIABLE PICKUP WITH DC/DCC POWER. Of course larger scale locos can benefit from equalization but a "small scale" loco which is set up to operate on BPR/C will run without problems on any track (provided it is laid properly) or across the floor, etc. And for tractive effort, the old "standby" traction tires or as I have-Pliobond on the treads-will negate the need for any special chassis work. OK, I wrote it. I am sure that many will be saying-"that guy is an idiot, who does he think he is?" but I have proved to myself and others that the "easy way" works.
I have no problem with a compensated/equalized chassis and whoever wants to invest the time and work to do this is to be rewarded with great operation and satisfaction of building something that the rest of us can only look at in awe!
I am not a locomotive scratchbuilder, just a butcher who whacks up commercially available models to do what I want them to do. My "thing" is building a place for my locos to operate in a more or less "realistic" fashion, I want to "do it all" but realize one thing-"A man has to know his limitations"...Harry Callahan's words.

Thank you for reading my drivel.

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