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 Posted: Wed Oct 4th, 2017 06:56 pm
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Hi Guys :wave:

Not wanting to rattle on TOO much about the John H. Ahern book ...

... but.

The thing that really makes THIS book the No.1 absolute MUST have IMO ...

... are the descriptions of the general fabrication techniques for all the major loco parts.

When you look at a loco part, like a dome, tender flare & curve, cylinders etc. etc. etc. ...

... and think, how the hell do I make THAT part ??

He has ALWAYS got the answer, on how to do it in the most sensible & simplest way.

How to join several basic material sections together, to make a new shape/fabrication.

How to fit cylinders to frames & boilers in the best way.

Cab details & shape forming, the list goes on and on.

This is what makes the book so essential.

As his descriptions & EXCELLENT technical-style line drawings ...

... save you doing all the thinking about this yourself ...

... & with simple, not machine-tools, lets you get right down to actually making your parts.

Since steam locos are all more or less the same ...

... chimney, firebox door, domes, cylinders, valve gear & rods etc. ...

... It doesn't matter specifically what loco you wanna make parts for, his techniques are universal.

It is no wonder that this book sold by the truck load & was reprinted so many times.




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