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 Posted: Mon Oct 9th, 2017 07:21 pm
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Once you get "the hang of it", it all comes back. I dismantled my layout when I moved to a new home and now have a great, insulated garage for it. I fretted over how to put things back together and settled on a track plan using most of the old layout (built in sections on 2" blue foam) but I had to make the track line up in a different way since I changed the design. Anyway, I had this one turnout that had given me fits over the was in an almost inaccesable place before but now, after about 2 hours of "fiddling", I got mad and tore it out. I went into "switch mode" and built a new and correctly functioning turnout (I use the word switch VS turnout...) in about 30 minutes! So, after several years of no track laying, I jumped back in and built what was needed almost on "auto pilot". So, the deal is to get into building these things, use some old rail and that Moto-Tool & some small files and just DO IT! Jigs are OK but they cost mucho moolah and once you have "the knack", you won't look back!
Now, get to work and build one turnout...and another...and another...on and on.
After all, this ain't rocket surgery!

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