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 Posted: Sun Oct 15th, 2017 02:01 am
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Doctor G

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Hello. I have the creative urge to build this early vertical boiler class A Climax in On30. This will hopefully run on my 1910 backwoods logging operation.

I found this neat On30 kit on eBay to build up a very close replica. It uses a donor mechanism from a HO Proto 2000 SW8/900. I was able to get the donor locomotive off eBay as well (it is strictly DC analog at purchase).

I need some help figuring out what would be the best sound decoder to power the donor and sound like an ancient class A Climax traveling at the wickedly fast speed of 5 miles an hour. I would appreciate any advice you have for a sound decoder that would control the donor mechanism and provide geared locomotive sounds through a speaker in the cabs roof.

Thank you for any thoughts and advice you might have. It is greatly appreciated. Doc Tom.

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