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 Posted: Mon Nov 13th, 2017 03:42 am
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Daniel Beresford

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Good evening everyone,

After selling my last HO scale exhibition layout, I've had nothing to take to shows.
Myself and my second operator, Ford, have been knocking around the idea of making an O scale layout for a long while now,
and decided that it was the right time to get the project off the ground.

We decided early on that we wanted to make an urban industrial switching layout,
and that it would have lighting, signals, ambient sounds, and animations.
The track would all be hand built, and we have started looking into dead-rail as opposed to DCC,
though if this doesn't pan out it can easily be wired for DCC if needed.

The maximum size for the layout would be 16',
as this would be about the maximum size we could transport to shows between us.

After looking at many suitable track plans,
a modified version of Jack "Shortliner" Trollope's Box Street Yard was chosen,
and construction of the layout began.

It's been a long while coming, but we've finally gotten to a stage where there's something to show!

The benchwork/baseboards for the scenic section are done - three 4'x2' boards,
with the final board being a traverser table which may also end up being fully scenic eventually.

The track plan has been mapped out full size on the boards,
and dimensions/footprints for the structures have been worked out too.
I've cut out the roadbed - 5mm foamboard topped with 4mm cork,
and I've been ferociously cutting ties from coffee stirrers ready to start laying the track.

The design of the structures is such that the layout will be viewed from all sides - so no backscene required.
This means that thought has had to be given to ensure the illusion of realism isn't broken,
by viewing angles which would allow the sector plate to be seen, or the traverser table.
Fingers crossed this will all work when it's built! :D

For now, here are the photographs of the baseboards showing the plan,
with a few pieces of rolling stock to give an idea of scale.

The traverser table will go on the left end of the layout as seen in the photos,
which will allow us to add 4'x2' extensions to the layout in the future,
should the ability to transport them become available to us.

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