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 Posted: Tue Nov 28th, 2017 09:28 pm
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Reg H

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I wanted to try out Si's photo posting method, so I went in search of this one:

This is not HO.  It is 1/4" scale. Tracks in the foreground are On30.  This is the kind of structure I have built in the past.  Except for the shingles, which are a commercial cedar product, the depot is scratchbuilt entirely from sheet and strip styrene.  Even the windows and doors are built up.  

It is not quite complete, needing glazing and a platform, and is now stored away in a box while I immerse myself in HO for awhile. 

This kind of construction, while rewarding and relaxing, is not suited to my efforts to include my grandkids in the process.  The first Cornerstone kit went together in about the same time as it took to build one of the double-hung windows in this depot.  


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