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 Posted: Sun Dec 3rd, 2017 12:42 pm
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It has been done successfully. But it's not worth the effort. For a given torque, you need a higher current, a decoder that is able to generate the stepper signals, and a lot more space in the model because these electronics need room. Märklin has done something similar with its C-Sinus drive, but that, too, could only be implemented into spacious hoods of electrics or diesels in H0.

In addition to this - the BLDC motor ( as it is employed in C-Sinus) is the future's motor because you have better electrical characteristics. But for low rpm, you need Hall sensors to get position feedback, or a much higher gearing to use EMF feedback motors with their necessary high Kv-value ( rpms /Volt ). The Motors you can buy at the moment start with values ~ 1300 and aim at the drone/airplane market. Their dimensions are not quite fit for H0 or smaller. The really small ones are not availabkle for the hobbyist market - but if you consider to order 1000+..hmmm....the wholesale outlet will give it consideration.

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