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 Posted: Fri Dec 15th, 2017 12:36 am
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Reg H

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Progress (other than what is going on inside my head) has been slowed by holiday activities. 

But things have been going on inside my head.  

One thing I would like to include is some provision for continuous running.  Previous thoughts only concluded that the only way to include something was to tear out the existing benchwork and design a layout that would include either a lift out or a duck under.  Neither of which I am willing to consider. 

But then I started thinking of adding a "tourist" HOn30 loop.  With 18", or even sharper curves, I might be able to squeeze something in.  

Further cogitating brought to mind that I have two HOn3 industrial diesel kits lurking somewhere in my stash of stuff.  I have had them so long I can't remember where, when,  or why they were acquired.  But I am sure they are still in the stash.

Those little bitty engines would look just fine on 15" radius curves.  I could model a modern make-believe narrow gauge logging show with these little diesels as power.

Yeah, I know, nothing like that has ever existed.  So what?

That aspect of the layout could be made to appear point-to-point (mill to re-load, perhaps) but include a sneak around to complete an oval.  

There would be an added benefit.  This part of the layout might go some ways towards slaking my thirst for narrow gauge.

But I am way ahead of myself.  I don't even have the track mapped out for the west end yet.  

I still have three structures to complete before I can begin that process.


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