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 Posted: Mon Dec 18th, 2017 02:25 am
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Reg H

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As promised, I dug into my deep, dark, storage closet to find out what HO goodies I had lurking there.

First, let's talk about the boxcars I thought were in green and orange.  Not exactly:

In boxcar red:  two versions of the 50' double door boxcar and one 40' single door. But nice kits none the less.

Now to talk about the narrow gauge diesel.  Note the singular.    

This is a model of the SP #1 used briefly by the SP on one of their acquired narrow gauge branches to replace a steam locomotive.  It was only in service a few years, but it is a quite little number.

And I mean "little".

What is interesting is that there is another set of wheels and truck side frames in the box.  Narrow gauge as well.  I thought they might be HOn30 at first.  Nope.  HOn3.  Strange.

Second "narrow gauge" diesel is not narrow gauge at all, but is a standard gauge GE 44 tonner by Keystone.

It is very thoroughly a kit:

Which assembles into a very standard, and standard gauge, GE 44 ton switcher.

I already have a GE 44 ton locomotive by Bachmann in green and orange.   Photo to come shortly.

I also have another Accurail GN boxcar, this one definitely in green and orange, in a box on top of a bookcase in my den.  It will be unboxed and added to the rolling stock.


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