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 Posted: Sun Jan 7th, 2018 04:38 pm
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Also some work on the layout is done. Last year I poured in some water in the river. I found some stuff on the material which looked really nice. But once I used it the results were disappointing. I used some angelhair kinda stuff, but it ws everywere except in the places were I wanted it. Also some stuff for making waves (that is also the name of the product, "making waves"), but that turned out to white and to course.

So I was not satisfied with the results and decided to do it all over.
I painted the old water grey/black. Made some new rocks. Added some moss. Poured in the water. It is a 2 components resin.
Dry brushed some white paint for the foam.

After that I started with the greens on one side. The other side has still to be done.

Just the water.

Same place, the white paint added.

The first greenery in place.

Same location as first photo, now with some green.


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