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 Posted: Thu Jan 18th, 2018 09:01 pm
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Woodie and Si:

Customer service at Walthers actually was quite helpful.   I have received the first order and the second order is on the way.  I will probably follow your advice, Woodie, henceforth ordering direct from the manufacturer.  

We used to have some great hobby shops within striking distance.  All gone, now. 

The On30 trackwork came up reasonably easy.  There were some rough spots, but I managed to smooth them out with a sander.  There are some spots where wood came up with the cork road bed, but none of them ended up in locations where new track work is going.

Taking up the On30 track in this area was, emotionally, pretty easy, as there was some water damage and some of the turnouts, having been the first ones I had built in some few years, needed to be pulled up and replaced anyway.  Locomotives tended to waddle through them like a duck.

The next stretch will be more difficult, as there are three really great looking and smooth operating turnouts in that area.  

The final area, the east end of the layout, will be much easier.  That is where I used the kit turnouts, all of which have failed.  The kit turnouts were actually nice turnouts.  I just didn't realize that the PC tie type of construction was not rugged enough to stand up to the Switch Master switch machines.

I hope to get the cork road bed down this weekend.  My attention has been somewhat occupied with other hobbies.  A big one is a horizontal mill engine I am building in the machine shop.  I am learning some valuable lessons.  But each lesson usually means tossing a part in the scrap bin and starting that part over again. 

I am pretty excited about the look of the #6 turnouts.  The On30 had #5's, which look pretty good, but were a compromise between the space savings of #4's and the appearance of the #6's.  The #6's will look very nice.  


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