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 Posted: Tue Jan 23rd, 2018 10:50 pm
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Well, I got the cork roadbed down in whatever town this is going to be (probably PeEll) and started laying out the most intricate piece of trackwork.

I lay cork roadbed with contact cement.  That method goes really fast.  

I used to work very hard at cutting and fitting the roadbed under turnouts.  Until I figured out that it gets covered with ballast and all that is necessary is adequate support for the turnout.  Now I am kind of sloppy about it. 

I have started piecing together the most intricate piece of trackwork.  In keeping with the simplicity theme, it is actually not particularly intricate.  But even this simple it is a good idea to take extra care in putting this sort of thing together.  It wouldn't take much mis-alignment to cause years of headaches.  These three turnouts will be soldered together into one unit.

You can see my wire "switch machine" on the closest turnout.  It, and all of its siblings, will be somewhat camouflaged after the first paint application.  I will spray paint all the track a dark grey (ties are NEVER brown around here.  They weather to a dark gray pretty fast) and then paint the rail brown.  

Most of the rest of the turnouts will be Micro Engineering.  They have a built-in spring arrangement.

This is the view from the east end with the "unlikely" plate girder bridge in the foreground.  Yeah.  I know.  I need to dust off the "water" in Higgins slough.

I have to sweep the floor, too.  

It is obvious I am going to need some more structures.  I need a couple of more industries, plus some other structures just to dress this area up a bit.  

It looks like I will need to go beyond the Walthers Cornerstone buildings for some of it.  There are only so many variations in that line.

The track plan for this area is a modification of the Thomasville track plan from "Your Next Model Railroad" which is a modification of John Allen's Time Saver switching game. 


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