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YOUR DREAM LAYOUT ! - The Chance To Own ANY Legendary Layout Throughout History ?
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 Posted: Tue Dec 31st, 2019 04:41 pm
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Joined: Tue Nov 13th, 2018
Location: Vienna, Austria
Posts: 423
A philosophical question....
Most of us have projects for the next 300 years.
So in my mind it would be a blessing, if I could acquire a layout that meets my basic requirements,
and then could concentrate on other things, that are more important to me.

In my case, building locos, passenger cars and maybe spanning catenary on the layout.
Others have other priorities.... 

There are great layouts  (F&SM comes to my mind) 
where it's obvious the owners main target was an impressive layout with plenty of detail,
and it was less important what would move on its tracks.

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 Posted: Wed Jan 1st, 2020 04:16 am
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Michael M

Joined: Thu Jan 26th, 2017
Location: San Bernardino, California USA
Posts: 1881

On the G.S.& S. I would probably add some length to it, and maybe a little width for 1/35 scale. 
Say maybe 18" by 8'. 

Could cut it into two four-foot sections to make it easily moveable. 
That should help with the grades, and maybe give some room for run-around tracks. 

If an HO 0-4-0 can tackle the grades,
then there's no reason that a bashed HO mechanism with a 1/35 scale cab couldn't make it.

Nye, Inyo & Esmeralda Railroad
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 Posted: Wed Jan 1st, 2020 07:51 pm
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W C Greene

Joined: Fri May 4th, 2007
Location: Royse City, Texas USA
Posts: 8101
Howdy guys...
Gerold rightly states that many modelers aren't concerned about actually operating trains on their layouts,
just the art of detail and scenery.
For me, this has been pretty much true for many, many years.
I have built several layouts in different scales and became "captive" with the details and not really the trains.
Of late, my current (and probably last) layout is about as "finished" as it will ever be.
There's the minor details and scenery to be worked on, but it looks like I wanted it to look.
However, since I got fed up with the link & pin couplers and "modernized" with Kadee automatics,
I have become less concerned with the small stuff and now find myself being an "operator" rather than a builder.
Now, the trackwork, which has been secondary to most else, has taken over the bulk of my modeling time,
as I worry more about whether anything can run on my handlaid track...or not run as the case may be.
The "track crew" (myself) has worked overtime to ensure that trains run smoothly,
and the stub switches work and align properly.
Now, this has become my main objective, weeds and dirt are lower on the "finishing scale".
It helps that my layout is wireless and doesn't depend on polished rail and Brite Boys.
Now I am REALLY having fun with my layout.
Would I dream about someone else's layout?
Probably not, I now have the one that I dreamed about...and it's in my garage!


It doesn't matter if you win or lose, its' how you rig the game.
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 Posted: Wed Aug 19th, 2020 11:39 pm
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John Teall

Joined: Sat Aug 1st, 2020
Location: Reno, Nevada USA
Posts: 15
If I had any of them,
people would hate me for the alien world changes I would make.

Some track plans in Model Railroader that were never, as far as I know,
physically built, or maybe were but I don't remember.

An infrastructure of 'Romney Hythe & Dymchurch' proportions,
in a post eco-apocalyptic world.
With solar-powered multiple-unit inter-village passenger services.
It would have to be more scenery than track, but enough track for operation.

Yup 'Gum Stump & Snow Shoe' was a good one, something about that size.
'Portage Hill & Communipah' was another. 
Except I would build or convert them to 2' or narrower gauge,
in the largest scale I could find room for. 

And I am interested in operation as much as modeling,
but my idea of modeling, is concept illustration. 
As it is, I've never had a lot of resources or room. 

My intro to railroad modeling was when I was 1 year old in 1949. 
Friend of my Dad's had a single track around his basement,
with a working relay based signal system, automatic reversing,
and one single trolley car, as its sole rolling stock. 

I've been hooked all my life. 
It helps that my Dad was a tellegrapher towerman clerk,
most of my childhood and even for a couple of decades after.

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