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MRC Wireless
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 Posted: Mon Oct 15th, 2012 04:42 am
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Joined: Sat Sep 22nd, 2012
Location: Sicamous, British Columbia Canada
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Hello; New to DCC and converting over my using MRC as a club that is in the city we are moving to uses the system. Before we relocate I am away from home for another year and want to set up a small layout without taking out the MRC at home (I do get back once a month) Looking for advice about buying another MRC wireless for the "away" layout and when we do move I could use it for the upper deck rather than a booster and use the existing MRC for the lower deck. There would be an interchange section between the two deck levels like the old block system. As I am new to DCC, would I have issues using two separate MRC wireless units in the same room ??? Before I buy a second system, I thought I would get some advice from those in the know! Cheers, Mike

Cheers, Mike
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