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Removing Railroad Names From Locomotives & Cars
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 Posted: Wed Mar 15th, 2017 02:31 am
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Nice Guy Eddie

Joined: Mon Sep 5th, 2016
Location: Long Beach CA
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Not a problem

I have a weird brain most days

They don't pay me to do that kinda thing normally

In fact

They just don't pay me !



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 Posted: Thu Feb 15th, 2018 03:31 am
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Jerry Kemp

Joined: Sat Jan 20th, 2018
Location: DFW Metro Area, TX, USA
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Given what I have to share, it made more sense to reply to a relevant (but old) thread than to start a new one. 

Did not specifically have Go-Jo, but a similar item called Fast Orange hand cleaner, (with Orange oil).
I can report that Fast Orange does absolutely nothing.

I have been going thru the archive,
and there are at least a couple of threads regarding removing lettering from Bachmann On30 locomotives.

From what I have been able to determine, aside from this positive comment regarding Go-Jo,
the other positive comment was to use Tester's ELO.

Given that all these threads are (3) years old plus, any updates,
or anything I might have overlooked is appreciated.


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 Posted: Thu Feb 15th, 2018 04:17 am
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Joined: Thu Feb 23rd, 2012
Location: London
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Hi Jerry :wave:

You're right ...

... there are one or two Threads about, on the same Topic.

It might be an idea to 'Merge' them all together ...

... which is sometimes useful.

This one was moved from the 'On30' to the 'Weathering' Forum a while back ...

... made more sense to have it here.

If any other Threads on 'Removing Line Names' can be found ...

... we could 'Merge' all of them.

The Posts just appear in date order, after the 'Merge'.

Might be helpful ?




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 Posted: Thu Feb 15th, 2018 11:33 pm
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W C Greene

Joined: Fri May 4th, 2007
Location: Royse City, Texas USA
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Well, I'll give my "experiences" with removing Bachmann ,or any other lettering.
It is relatively easy, but afterward you still need to either spot paint or totally repaint (better plan) the model.
I use denatured alcohol, not the drug store kind for cuts, etc. but the home store type.
It seems to be a bit "healthier".
The alco. can be applied with a Q-Tip or small paint brush.
Let it sit a few minutes and then begin "scrubbibg" the lettering off.
Of course it will leave an area where this was done but the new decals / dry transfers will possibly cover the area OK.
Still, the best ways around this is to buy only unlettered models,
or invest in some brake fluid and take the paint off totally.
I have used Floquil's ELO before and it seemed to not work sometimes.
But, with all that, it's whatever floats yer boat...


It doesn't matter if you win or lose, its' how you rig the game.
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 Posted: Mon Jul 15th, 2019 02:39 am
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Eric T

Joined: Wed Jan 18th, 2017
Location: Washington USA
Posts: 97
I've found a way to confine ELO and possibly other solvents to a specific area.

In my case I wanted to remove markings on a curved surface without the fluid flowing away,
but the trick is also useful if you want to remove a specific marking without disturbing others nearby.

What you do is cut a piece of toilet paper so it's just large enough to cover the lettering you wish to remove,
place it on the model, then let the fluid soak into it. 
I repeatedly used a Q-Tip to transfer the fluid,
and pressed it into the TP until I could clearly see all the letters underneath.

After letting the markings soak for a few minutes,
I removed the toilet paper and the lettering came off with very little pressure. 

Adjacent letters / numbers aren't affected because the toilet paper didn't touch them,
and neither did the soaked Q-Tips. 


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