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- Pardee, MT -
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 Posted: Mon Apr 11th, 2016 11:20 am
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Ray Dunakin

Joined: Wed Jul 25th, 2012
Location: San Diego
Posts: 1240
Great stuff, especially the vintage photos. Too bad there is so little remaining at the site.

BTW, LGB used to sell a G scale Iron Mountain RR "Helena" Porter.

Visit to see photos of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!
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 Posted: Tue Aug 30th, 2016 05:23 am
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Marty Johnston

Joined: Fri Jun 13th, 2014
Posts: 30
Hi All, is my website and I have been looking for photos and materials on Pardee and the Iron Mountain Mine for years. I first saw the photo of the porter in John Wood's excellent book, Railroads Through the Coeur d'Alenes. You're right, the setting really should be modeled.

With the exception of two ore bins and the rock walls of a powder house, the buildings at Pardee have slipped back into the pages of history. There are parts of the ore cars scattered about the mountain side and you can bushwhack your way along the tramway. There are current photos of the site on my website. About a year ago I published an article in the Journal for the Society of Industrial Archaeology (IA Vol 38, Num 2, pages 19-37) on the mine and tramway. The url for the society is

Due to copyright issues I can't post the article online but I am willing to send it to interested parties if they contact me directly. Included in the article are plans for the ore car. I am currently printing out the cars parts in steel and brass for a museum diorama.

As part of the project my students and I did a few dozen detail drawing of the car components. We are the process of producing a booklet on the car and will make the 3d models available for printing on Shapeways in due time. In On3 the Grandtline 8 ton porter makes a great starting point and the Accucraft porter works well for Gn3.

Marty Johnston

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