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Hi everyone - I'm James, from the North West of the United Kingdom.I've been making models since childhood so over 30 years...These days my focus is narrow gauge :)
I have a bunch of G-scale stuff, mostly bashed, modified and repainted LGB - some 'Eastern European 750/760mm' stuff, and more recently some Feldbahn stuff...
In smaller scales I model in 1:76, so 009 (9mm track, representing about 680mm / 2'3" track gauge). I scratchbuild in plastic, build etched kits, and design and market kits utilising mixed media (3D print and etched nickel silver) using proprietary chassis - I have about 8 kits available through Narrow Planet at the moment.
I have two layouts - both 009, Creech Bottom and Kisten Torfwerk - both have appeared in the press in the UK. My modelling covers British and Eastern European, the latter being more of an industrial interest... however my locomotive collection also includes French 600mm gauge sugar beet locomotives and quite a collection of Eastern European forestry railway 750/760mm prototypes.
My blog is .My Garden railway (before it was lifted) is .
I've joined Freerails as I'm starting building a more freelance North American layout, a gold mining layout set in the Yukon. I've got some small locomotives, and a layout plan - but I've no idea about rolling stock and buildings - I want inspiration from a different source :)

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W C Greene

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Howdy James, welcome to Freerails. I know that you will enjoy being here, there is so much to offer and inspire. As for "freelancing", I have heard and believe the words-"There's a prototype for everything!". If you build something and there's no known real life example then your model is the prototype.
That's what I believe.
Have fun and run a

Ken C

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Two books which if you can get, cover the Yukon aside from the WP&Y are

The Iron Horse Comes to the Klondike
ISBN 978-0-9681976-2-2
Covers the various Coal and Mining Railways in the Yukon.

The Bonanza Narrow Gauge Railway
ISBN 0-9681976-0-4
The Story of the Klondike Mines Railway

If you google Klondike Mines Railway, Brian Pate? layout
of the Railway should show up also.

Lee B

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I second the idea of the White Pass & Yukon. I've ridden it twice and it's one of the most amazing train rides I've ever had.

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