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Hi all,does any one have the wiring colours and connections for the 75300 decoder?This decoder I think is a urlenbrock,not much info on the net.....cheers Peter


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. The 75xxx series were all for the Motorola-format ( Märklin's old digital system ).  There was an AnDi 75300 with wires (ACmotor) and an AnDi 75320  with 8-pin NMRA-Interface (DCmotor). It replaced the mechanical reverser relay for locos when operated in analog mode, and could be switched over to operate as a decoder for the Motorola system.

The AnDi75300 has the standard Märklin colour code:
red - pickup shoe
brown - return rail
green - motor coil1
blue - motor coil2
black - motor common+
grey - rear lamp
yellow - front lamp
You can download the operation manual from here.
(Provided you are able to read German )
It is suitable only for Märklin and HAG AC motors with wire-wound magnet.

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