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Michael G

Joined: Tue Jan 12th, 2016
Location: Tommarp, Sweden
Posts: 81

Latest project ....
A reflector with light for my narrow-gauge locomotives.
The diameter of the reflector is 4 mm.
The LED is 0.5 x 1 mm!
The reflector I made out of aluminum from oven trays.
I took a nut of the right diameter and slowly pushed the aluminum with the rounded top of the hat from a ballpoint pen.
Then I rough cut the edges and filed it to shape with a needle file.
I then drilled a 0.8 mm hole in the center of the reflector.
I glued the LED to the backside of the reflector with epoxy.
The LED is a bit too white, so it'll get a drop of Tamiya transparent orange.
Then I'll take Microscale Crystal Clear and fill the reflector so it gets a lens.

Mack Saunders

Joined: Sat Mar 3rd, 2018
Location: Ontario Canada
Posts: 93
That will make a very nice light. I have the same led size and some are in warm white color. I must try and make some.



Steven B

Joined: Thu Aug 13th, 2015
Location: Virginia USA
Posts: 508
Ooooooh!  Very cool idea!  Love it, I'm gonna steal it.

W C Greene

Joined: Fri May 4th, 2007
Location: Royse City, Texas USA
Posts: 8098
From a ways back, an old friend suggested using the tiny reflectors for MagLite flashlights. There was one in particular that fit exactly in a PSC old time box headlight and another that worked in PSC's "Silver City" headlight. These are O scale lights but look great in 1:35. To find the right flashlight, you might need to take your headlight with you to a store (Fry's, etc) which sells different ones to find the right size. My friend found out that MagLite sold the reflecters AND the plastic lens separately! Needless to say, the lens fit the PSC castings also. I still have the old lights but they are now "details" around the engine house.


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