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Young & Eager To Learn
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 Posted: Mon Sep 24th, 2018 09:48 am
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Kyle Moore

Joined: Sat Sep 22nd, 2018
Location: USA
Posts: 35
Hello there people of Freerails! 
My name is the username and I am pleased to join. 

I have run into an amazing situation and have got some room to get into a hobby I have admired from afar. 
I am moving into a new house in January and I have enough room for 2 layouts. 

The 2 layouts are going to be in OO scale and On30. 
I have yet to decide a layout plan for the On30 layout, but I have a layout planned for the OO scale layout and that will be the first to be built.  

The OO layout plan is a 4x8 plan. 
It has 2 mainline tracks and a passenger station with a backdrop hiding staging based on older British Railways stuff. 

The On30 layout is going to be a fictional shortline on a shelf going around the room. 
The shelf will be between 9-12 inches depending on the area. 

I hope to learn as much as possible from everyone here and I look forward to reading and learning with you all!

Innovation is the key
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 Posted: Mon Sep 24th, 2018 11:18 am
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Steven B

Joined: Thu Aug 13th, 2015
Location: Virginia USA
Posts: 539
Hey Kyle, welcome!

There is a wealth of information/inspiration on this site.  
I look forward to seeing what you do.  

I began MRRing seriously about your age when I got out of the service.  
I had always had some interest in it, but never really any room.  

When I was 14 I visited a friend in Canada who's dad had been building Campbell kits, 
I was bitten hard and designed and scratch built my first depot while there.  
After that I began reading everything that I could and did a little bit of modeling, but never got anything built.

When I was about your age I joined a modular group. 
I was modeling HO.  
Recently, about 2015, I tore out my HO layout and moved.  

I am now playing with On30 too.  
I have been working insane hours the past month plus and haven't had time to play much, 
but stay connected here to keep my blood pumping. 

Welcome aboard.

Steven B.
Humboldt & Toiyabe Rwy
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