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Hello From Northern Germany
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 Posted: Fri Oct 4th, 2019 10:13 am
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Joined: Wed Jul 10th, 2019
Location: Lehmden, Germany
Posts: 26

My Name is Claus and I live in the northwest of Germany.

I'm building model railroads, airplanes, cars, boats ... ever since I was a kid, one or other way.

Since a few years I've started again with model railroading in 0-scale.
First in standard gauge (1:45 usual in Europe) but after an accident, I can't work full time any longer.
So money is getting very low, and 0-gauge vehicles need a lot of money and a lot of space.

As my eyes and hands are no longer the best, I can't go on with a smaller scale.
So I finally started in 0n30, or 0e as it is called in Europe.
Many of my rolling stock is scratch built or made out of kits.
But I also have some old "Fleischmann Magic Train" stock.
Magic Train was a cheap set of locos and wagons in 1:45 scale meant for kids, running on H0 track.
Those vehicles are no longer available in shops, but there are still a lot to find second hand.
As they are not too bad detailed they are very often used for "kitbashing",
and constructing all kinds of European rolling stock.
So most of these "kids toys" are purchased by and for adults...

But I also have a few Bachmann 0n30 models.
My favorite is the "short" 4-4-0 American steam loco.
I'm operating my locos with DelTang RC and Li-Po accu on "Dead Rails".
No DCC or whatsoever on the tracks.

Aside model railroading, I'm a hobby programmer, and I'm writing my own software.
One of those apps. is a software to program DelTang receivers,
with a Prog4 comfortably on a Windows PC.

And I'm running a model railroading blog in German language,
that can be read in English too with Google Translate
(a Wordpress Gtranslate plugin is installed).
So if anyone wants to look, here is the link:

I will present the DelTang programmer software, and my planed layout and some build reports
(e.g. I've built a CNC mill from a cheap Chinese kit)  later in separate posts.

Best regards,


Thanks for reading, Claus

My Blog:
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