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Paint Shaker
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 Posted: Mon Nov 30th, 2020 02:09 am
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Joined: Thu Feb 6th, 2020
Location: Illinois USA
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I can't take entire credit for this one,
found some of it elsewhere down the WorldWideWabbit hole.

At the heart of mine is a Harbor Freight 4 inch bar clamp, but any brand would do.
Size it to your paint containers.

A spent reciprocating blade is also key.
I used a sawzall, but a large hand held jig saw blade might also suffice.
My sawzall is a variable speed model, key to limiting the answers to "what could go wrong?"

Because I have access to welding equipment I mated the parts by welding. 
Alternately, the HF clamp has pre-drilled holes at the end, so you might use a pair of small machine nuts/bolts.  
I strongly suggest loc-tite if this is the course you choose,
as not loc-titing the hardware opens a new "what could go wrong" folder of answers on your bench top.  

For you accomplished solderers, go for it.

I can report:
So far, so good, although I have not "opened er up" all the way with the variable speed sawzall. 
And, I do hold it low. 
A more cautious hobbyist might put the business end of the apparatus inside a 5 gallon bucket,
but where's the adventure in that?

Mark from Illinois
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 Posted: Mon Nov 30th, 2020 03:07 am
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Joined: Wed Apr 10th, 2013
Location: Unanderra, Australia
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Hi Mark,


And you want your workshop ceiling in what colour splotches?? :w: ;)

A touch heavy duty maybe, but I'm glad you have it working for you.

John Garaty
Unanderra in oz
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