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 Posted: Sat Dec 12th, 2020 06:25 pm
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Reg H

Joined: Sun Oct 19th, 2014
Location: Shelton, USA
Posts: 1058
I was contacted by an aviation friend who is working on closing out an estate. 
He said there was a large collection of model trains and I might be interested in some. wife and I wandered up to Seattle to see what he had. 
I will cover what was of interest to me further on.  

Part is AT LEAST two #2 boxes full of old Athearn wood and stamped metal freight cars. 
They are of no interest to me, but a collector of old model items would probably go nuts.

They are in pretty rough shape.  A lot of the adhesives have failed. 
Most of the parts are there, they have just fallen into the bottom of the boxes. 
If anyone is interested, I can put you in touch with my friend. 
I have too many projects "aging" already.

Grease his palm with a few bucks, in the interests of the estate,
and pay for shipping (keep it simple) and he would be delighted to get them off his hands.
The best approach would be to make an offer on all of the freight cars "as is". 
I doubt that anyone wants the rest of the stuff. 
He would be pleased just to close up the boxes of freight cars and ship them off.

There were some newer items. 
I was intrigued by the following freight cars.  

A couple of the cars are Athearn (I forget which two) but I have no idea who produced the others. 
I was intrigued by the Oregon theme.

In addition, I snagged the following stack of kits.

And these two locomotives...

They are both Athearn "Blue Box". 
The GP-38-2 runs OK (nothing compares to my Kato locomotives)
but the SW1500 needs some wheel cleaning. 

Someday, they will be converted to DCC,
and the SW1500 will be stripped and decorated for the Henderson Bay Timber Company.

I don't know what I am going to do with the Overton items. 
Maybe if I can find a 4-4-0 cheap I will assemble a tourist train. 

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 Posted: Fri Jan 15th, 2021 03:43 am
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Ken C

Joined: Tue Jun 16th, 2015
Location:  Calgary, Alberta Canada
Posts: 1060

The Overton cars could have been used to transport loggers into the woods.

Original seating removed and bench's along the car sides.

They could be sitting on a spur waiting to be donated to a museum.  L:

Ken Clark

Kaslo & Slocan Railway
International Navigation & Trading Co
Kootenay Railway & Navigation Co.
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 Posted: Fri Jan 15th, 2021 06:15 am
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Steven B

Joined: Thu Aug 13th, 2015
Location: Virginia USA
Posts: 508
MDC produced the other cars. 
I had a stack of them. 

The SNC cars and Prineville ended up on the McCloud in the 1990s. 

I was hanging out up there at the time,
and had stacks of photos of them all renumbered to "MR".

Steven B.
Humboldt & Toiyabe Rwy
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