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New Loco & Stock Announcements ? - On30
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 Posted: Thu Nov 24th, 2022 06:25 am
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Dusten Barefoot

Joined: Sat May 7th, 2011
Posts: 28
I'm curious if any manufacturers of On30 locos and rollingstock,
have any new plans, or product announcements for the future ?

I'm hoping to see more locomotives produced,
or at least some kits.

I've recently came back into the On30 and F scale,
and am saddened to see less variety in the On30 market.

While Bachmann produced an 0-6-0 with the Mogul tooling,
and original 2-6-0 has been slightly retooled with DCC, the lack
of additional touches you get with other Spectrum models,
does not justify the price for me.

I'm hoping to find a kit, or maybe a model
to kitbash into a Baldwin 8-18d 2-6-0

I've tried my hand modifying locomotives, but in the end, my hands
aren't as steady, strong and dexterous as they used to be, the pain
causes more frustration than actually moving forward to the finish.

I'm open to all suggestions, and ideas, tips, tricks,
and what ever else is beneficial information.

Thank you all.

Dusten Barefoot. 

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Freerails > Model Railroad Forums > On30 > New Loco & Stock Announcements ? - On30

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